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Perfect Pitch Piano Tuning Services

Piano Tuning:
We provide aural along with an up to date digital frequency tuning for the most accurate tuning for your piano.
If much of a pitch raise is required, sometimes more than one tuning may be required. Our technician can 
evaluate your piano's needs when he arrives at your appointment.
​We cover an hour radius from Columbia, TN.  
At Perfect Pitch Piano Tuning, we take care to provide our customers high quality services, on their fine pianos for years to come. We are available to set your appointment Mon.-Fri.., 8am-8pm. Our family members are professional, courteous and efficient.

We provide a variety of services including:
Some of the Services offered are:

​Complete piano restoration
Key top replacements
Pedal issues
Upright and grand action issues
Bridal strap replacements
Sticking Keys
Non-repeating keys
Hammer replacement
Damper felt replacement

If you have any question concerning piano tuning, repair services, or areas for pricing, please
feel free to contact us.  
Tuning Prices can vary and depend upon the location of the piano and if it has been maintained.
Maintained means that it has been tuned within a year or so and is 15% or lower relative to A440Hz. or concert pitch. Some areas include:

$85.00 tuning fee includes:  Columbia, Mount Pleasant, Summertown, Lawrenceburg,
                                         Hohenwald, Leoma, and Loretto
$95.00 tuning fee includes: Spring Hill,  Thompsons Station, Lewisburg, Pulaski 

$100.00 tuning fee includes:Franklin,, Florence, Shoals areas, Dickson

$110.00 tuning fee includes :Brentwood,  Nashville,  

Additional prices could apply ( $50.00)  if not maintained, or a Pitch Raise is needed before tuning. 
Pitch raise is 15% or more off from A440 Hz. rough tuning before a final tune can be performed. 
An additional 2nd or 3rd tuning could be needed depending on the condition off the piano. 
After the piano is tuned and correct pitch is maintained, 6mo. or yearly tunings are required to 
​achieve regular tuning fees.